Fish Scale Mosaic: an authentic handmade Moroccan tile

Fish Scale Mosaic: an authentic handmade Moroccan tile

Dating back to the eighth century, Moroccan fish scales are a staple of contemporary Moorish and Mediterranean style.

The design, inspired by the glistening movement of the gently rolling sea, has become a popular mosaic tile used in creative ways for kitchens, baths and interior spaces.

We are glad to perpetuate the tradition and provide this tile the same way the master artisans of Zellij in Morocco had create it: 100% handmade using natural clay.

These tiles will stand the test of time with their highly versatile shape, which can be used tips up, tips down or in a swirling wave pattern.

beautiful all green master bathroom with handmade moroccan tile. an application of the fish scale design on a bathtub


Moroccan fish scale mosaics are a natural fit for bathroom walls. These fish scale mosaic tiles have a calming quality reminiscent of sitting on the bank of a quiet stream watching the ripples from a turtle poking its head out of the water.

Using a single yet striking mosaic tile color that has a number of subtle variations can allow you to produce a striking pearlescent feel throughout your bathroom, giving you a relaxing place to sooth away your stress of the week. Also, by using subtle colors like greens and blues you can blend the colors in a gentle gradation layout to produce a fantastic feature wall.

Also, if you have a tub, think about using a dark green fish scale mosaic from top to bottom on the two walls that enclose the tub in order to add some drama.

For something a little more glamorous, use a moodier dark-colored fan tile as a backsplash encompassing a modern bathroom sink. 


Beautiful handmade zellij tile fish scale mosaic design in a occi blue color


As a kitchen backsplash, brushed turquoise or blue mix Moroccan fish scale mosaics make excellent use of the space in modern kitchens. This is especially pronounced when set against white countertops and very light cabinets. This is when these mosaic tiles definitely take center stage.

Another great kitchen backsplash idea is using white Moroccan fish scale mosaics. White is not only stylish but it makes your kitchen look bigger and brighter because the mosaic tiles reflect light.



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