From the depths of Morocco, we gathered a team of the most talented Zellij art artisans in Fez, that works really hard to make historic Moroccan Zellij tiles and mosaics.  We aime to preserve centuries of true craftsmanship in handmade tile making history.  Moroccan mosaic tiles are ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls. Moroccan mosaic tiles are made at our zellij factory in Morocco the same way as Moroccan zellij.  Choose from our selection below or provide us with a photo of your travel of a Moroccan or Spanish mosaic that you would like to have made for your project in your dimensions and colors.  We provide great flexibility to make your design become a reality.  Offering you many possibilities in terms of designs, scale, and personalized color combinations.  Our mosaic tiles can be used for kitchen backsplash, bathroom floors and walls, hallway walls, wall niches, patio and garden, swimming pool, steam bath, fireplace, fountain, tables, columns and more.  Ask to speak with our custom mosaic specialist.