Zellij Tiles

Known as Moroccan tiles, Zellij, Zellige or Azulejo.  The art of Zellij started 14 centuries ago in Granada, Spain and it is witnessed in historic monuments such as the amazing Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. This art consists of making glazed tile entirely by hand, from hand mixing and sun drying the clay, to glazing and cutting the infinite shapes of basic to more complex mosaics in differents styles.  This art still remains true to its identity and is committed to remain faithful to the artisans who dedicated their lives to it. The entire process is manual and relies only on basic tools and talented craftsmanship.  

Real beauty never goes out of style. Moroccan tile has been and will always be a designer's top favorites when it comes to adding a unique touch of warmth and luxury to any project.  Moroccan tile is well sought after by the rich and famous and can be seen in many celebrities homes, luxury hotels, resorts and spas in all parts of the old and modern worlds. 

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