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Tile Color Samples

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Zellij Tile Color Sample.  

Description: COLOR SAMPLE. Glazed Moroccan hand cut Zellij ceramic tile color samples. supplied assembled as shown. 

Samples may vary in shapes and colors than actual order.  Color variations are an inherent quality of handmade Zellij and add to the charm of this ancestral art made of pure mathematics and chemistry.  We always make control samples once orders have been placed by clients and prior to production. 

Size: four pieces 2" x 2" 5/8"

Applications: kitchens walls, bathroom walls and floors, swimming pools, fireplace surround, stair risers, and more.  Suited for wet areas. 

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Ordering samples ONLY once you verify your project deadline, production and transit timelines, budget, shipping. 

Please plan ahead of time. Rushing Zellij orders production totally goes against the nature of this beautiful handmade tile which is a labor of love and patience.  


This product is 100% handmade in Morocco

How is this tile made